Can I sign up for ACH payments?

Yes! We are pleased to share that Bright Funds offers ACH payments for organizations based in the United States. When your organization signs up for ACH payments, the organization will not receive a donation check in the mail. Rather, the organization will receive donations and matching gifts directly to the organization bank account.

Why should I sign up for ACH payments?

We are encouraging our nonprofit partners to sign up for ACH/ePayments for a variety of reasons - they are more secure, they avoid the possibility of a check going uncashed or returned, and they are faster for nonprofits to receive than a mailed check.

How can I sign up for ACH payments? 

Please email for instructions. Please note this sign up process is only required for organizations based in the United States.

Why is Bright Funds charging a fee on manual check disbursements? 

To streamline operations, Bright Funds is charging a $25 fee on manual checks organizations receive in the mail to offset the administrative costs associated with managing manual check disbursements and uncashed or returned checks. In addition, Bright Funds now offers ACH payments, which do not have a fee. We encourage every organization to sign up for ACH payments.

Who will be charged the manual check fee? 

Checks will have the manual check fee applied if the organization receives a check in the mail and if the $25 fee comprises of 5% or less of the total disbursement amount. This is only applicable for organizations in the United States. If your organization is set up with ACH payments, the manual check fee will be waived.

I tried signing up on for ACH payments, do I still need to sign up? 

Yes. Unfortunately,’s payment network does not give Bright Funds enough information to validate that the bank information provided is associated with the organization. Therefore, we’ll still need your organization to complete a few steps to ensure we validate accounts on our end.

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