To organize a future volunteer event, get started by selecting New Volunteer Activity from your Bright Funds profile. Now, select Organize a volunteer event.

Next, search for and select the organization. Fill out the event information including the title, description, and location.

Click Continue to event schedule, then:

  1. Add a time that people can volunteer. For example, April 28th from 9:00am - 1:00pm. 
  2. Fill out the remaining information including hours per volunteer, attendee limit and skills
  3. Click Save shift 

Choose Add another shift if there are multiple different times or roles that people can sign up for. Volunteers will be able to select which shift they would like to join when viewing the event. 

If you know that someone is joining, you can add them directly under Who's going. Click on the Invite tab to invite new individuals or groups. Everyone who is invited will receive an email invitation and can sign up for the event to track their volunteer time. Click Publish event when the event is ready to go. 

After publishing the volunteer event, you can post updates, invite more people to join, and manage attendees.

How do I organize a recurring event?

We understand it may be hard to record a recurring event at this time. A great work-around is to use the Organize a volunteer event option. We recommend selecting a date range, and adding a shift for each event you plan to attend. For example:

Sandy volunteers on the first Thursday of the month as a nonprofit board member.

  1. Select start and end date e.g. 01/04/2019 - 12/6/2019
  2. Quickly add shifts for each board meeting's date.

Stay tuned for new ways to track a recurring volunteer activity.

Get in touch if you have any questions about organizing an event!

*Seeing a previous version of volunteering on your Bright Funds account? Refer to this article on Creating a future volunteering event for help.

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