What is Bright Funds? Why has my organization received a donation check? 

Bright Funds is a charitable giving platform that helps individuals and companies support the causes they are passionate about. In addition to providing a donation platform for individual donors, Bright Funds partners with companies to power their workplace giving programs. 

Your organization has received a check from Bright Funds Foundation because our donors have directed a donation or company gift (such as a matching gift) to your organization using the Bright Funds platform. 

Congratulations, and welcome to our network of nonprofits! We are honored to help support your organization’s work.

Why can’t I log in to Bright Funds as a nonprofit?

At this time Bright Funds does not have a login for nonprofits. You can find a breakdown of gifts, and any information donors have opted to share, in the donation report mailed or emailed with the disbursement. Mailed donation reports are attached to the bottom two-thirds of the check.

If we are emailing your organization the donation reports, Bright Funds will send the email a few days in advance of the disbursement, with the report attached.

How can I edit my organization's profile on Bright Funds? 

Nonprofit profiles on Bright Funds are auto-synced with social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter). If you would like your organization’s social media accounts synced to your Bright Funds profile, you can email the links to your accounts to nonprofits@brightfunds.org. Alternatively, we can manually add mission, vision, and a logo image. 

The name and description of your organization sync directed from your Guidestar.org profile. If you update the information there, it will automatically update on Bright Funds. 

Send us an email with any updates to your email or physical address, or with social media accounts, text, or a logo image you’d like added to your organization’s profile, and we are happy to update it for you!

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