What is a donation report? 

There are two ways to receive a donation report from Bright Funds:

 1. Printed on the bottom of the check stub.

 2. Emailed to your organization a few days prior to disbursing the ACH payment or donation check. 

This report contains a breakdown of all gifts included in the donation disbursement, information on whether the donation is a company matching gift, and any identifying information donors opted to share. 

If we are currently mailing your organization the donation reports, we prefer to email this information, both to conserve paper and to ensure that sensitive donor information reaches the best recipient. Please reach out to nonprofits@brightfunds.org with the contact name and email address of the best person to receive the donation reports. 

How do I know if this check contains a direct donation or a company matching gift? 

On the donation report, you can determine whether a gift is a direct donation or a company matching gift by looking at the Company Donation column. 

If the Company Donation column is marked ‘Yes,’ this means the donation is a company gift (such as a credit grant or matching gift), and the company name will be listed in the Donor Name column. If the original donor chose to share their information, their name will be listed in the On Behalf Of column. The original donor’s email is not shared with company gifts.

If the Company Donation column is marked ‘No,’ this means that the gift is directly from the donor (such as an individual contribution or payroll donation), and their name and email will be listed if they elected to share this information with their gift.

Why is information listed as Private, and how can I find the donor information?

When users direct donations or matching gifts through Bright Funds, they choose from three privacy settings: 

1. Share my name and email

You will be able to see the donor’s full name and email address listed on the report. 

2. Share my name only

You will only see the donor’s full name listed on the report, and Donor Email will be marked ‘Private.’

3. Keep my information anonymous

Both Donor Name and Donor Email will be marked ‘Private.’ 

In this case, as the donor has opted to keep their information anonymous, Bright Funds is unable to share any additional donor information. 

How will I know where donors want their gifts designated?

Any designations that donors included with their donations or matching gifts will be listed in the Comment column of the donation report. If the donor report does not include a designation, the nonprofit may use the funds wherever they are needed most, per the discretion of the nonprofit organization.

Does my nonprofit need to send donation receipts to donors?

For donations to US-based nonprofits, all donations are received and receipted by Bright Funds Foundation. Donors have received tax acknowledgement letters from the Foundation, but you have the option to send donation receipts to Bright Funds Foundation at nonprofits@brightfunds.org.

Can I receive donations from Bright Funds via ACH?

Yes, please refer to our article on Signing up for ACH payments.

I have feedback on how Bright Funds can improve the donation report. Who can I get in touch with? 

We would love to hear your comments! Reach out to us at nonprofits@brightfunds.org and let us know how we can improve. 

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