What is a donation report? 

A donation report, or donor report, contains a breakdown of all gifts included in the donation disbursement, information on whether the donation is a company matching gift, and any identifying information donors opted to share.

I received a check in the mail, and there was a donor report attached. The print is really tiny and I can't read it. What does it say?

The language on the donor report attached to the check shares the following:

Beginning on March 1st, 2019, nonprofits will be charged a manual check fee of $25 on their monthly aggregated donation checks if their total check amount is $500 or more.

We ask that you do not send any promotional material, and if you have any questions, you can reach our team at nonprofts@brightfunds.org.

By processing the enclosed donation(s), your nonprofit certifies that it does not engage in or condone discrimination or harassment based on a personal characteristic or attribute, including but not limited to color, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin or ancestry, age, medical condition or disability, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy, or sexual orientation. As used herein, the following terms have the meanings set forth in our FAQ. By accepting this donation, your nonprofit agrees to use these funds in a manner consistent with the preceding statement.

By accepting this donation, the recipient verifies that it is exempt from federal income tax underSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is either a private operating foundation, a Section 509(a)(1)or (2) public charity, or a 509(a)(3) supporting organization that is not controlled directly or indirectly by the donor, advisor or a related party of the organization that it supports. Recipient further verifies that it is in compliance with all applicable laws regarding its tax-exempt status. Recipient warrants that it has not taken, and shall not take, any action that would cause Bright Funds and/or its donors to violate any anti-corruption law, including but not limited to the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the United Kingdom BriberyAct, and all other applicable anti-corruption laws.

Full donor reports can also be obtained via our nonprofit portal, Bright Network.

How do I access a donation report?

Donation reports can now be accessed via our nonprofit portal, Bright Network. If you are not already registered, you can sign up here. You can also visit our article on Bright Network here and follow the steps, and what to expect as you register.

I registered, but don't see where to access donation reports. How can I view my donation reports?

If you registered for Bright Network and don't see the Donor Reports section available, that means our team hasn't verified your information yet.

Once our team verifies your nonprofit's documents, you will be notified, and granted access to the Donor Reports section.

How can I find the donation report that goes with the donation my nonprofit received?

If you have registered for Bright Network and have been verified, you can access the donation report on your page. If you have yet to register, you can click here to get started. *Please note, your nonprofit must be verified in Bright Network before you can gain access to the Donor Reports section in the portal.

To pull the donation report for your donation received, you can click Donor Reports in the left panel, then navigate to "Disbursement", and select the ID for the donation received. The ID can be found within the email notification you received, or at the top of the check you received.

How do I know if this donation contains a direct donation made on Bright Funds by a donor, or a company-funded donation? 

On the donation report, you can determine whether a gift is a direct donation or a company-funded donation by looking at the Transaction Type column.

The following transaction types are direct donations from donors, made on Bright Funds:

  1. Credit Card Donation - the donor used a credit card to make a donation on Bright Funds, directed to your nonprofit.

  2. PayPal Donation - the donor used their PayPal account to make a donation on Bright Funds, directed to your nonprofit.

The following transaction types are company-funded:

  1. Matched Donation - the donor requested a match from their company for their original donation made to your nonprofit.

  2. Volunteer Match - the donor's company has a benefit of matching a dollar amount for each hour volunteered.

  3. Credit Donation - the donor was awarded a credit by their company, and directed this credit to your nonprofit.

I need the donor's name so I can credit them. Where can I find that?

You can find the donor's name under the Donor Name column or the On Behalf Of column:

The donor name is shared if the donor decides to share their name. If it's a matched, volunteer, or credit donation, the name can be found in the On Behalf Of column.

Please note that if the field is marked as Private or left blank, that means the donor has decided to remain anonymous.

How do I send a thank you to the donor?

If the donor has shared their contact email, that would be the best way to send a thank you.

If the field is marked as Private, the donor has decided to not share their contact information.

I want to thank the donor. Can you send me their address?

Bright Funds does not keep record of addresses for donors. If the donor shared their contact email, that would be the best way to get in touch. If the space is blank, or marked as private, that is at the choice of the donor, and we are not able to share their information with the nonprofit.

How will I know where donors want their gifts designated?

Any designations or notes to the nonprofit can be found in the Designation column:

If the field is left blank, that means the donation can be considered as unrestricted general funds.

What does the "Fund Name" column mean? Our nonprofit doesn't have a Fund by that name.

This Fund column means that the donor donated to a Fund created on Bright Funds that included your nonprofit.

Funds are created by users of Bright Funds, and can include nonprofits that have a common cause (ex: disaster response, water access, environment, etc.) or perhaps a donor has several nonprofits they are passionate about, and want to share with the Bright Funds community.

Does my nonprofit need to send donation receipts to donors?

For donations to US-based nonprofits, all donations are received and receipted by Bright Funds Foundation. Donors have received tax acknowledgement letters from the Foundation, but you have the option to send donation receipts to Bright Funds Foundation at nonprofits@brightfunds.org.

Can I receive donations from Bright Funds via ACH?

Yes! Please refer to our article on Signing up for ACH payments.

I have feedback on how Bright Funds can improve the donation report. Who can I get in touch with? 

We would love to hear your comments! Reach out to us at nonprofits@brightfunds.org and let us know how we can improve. 

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