Bright Funds has a nonprofit portal called Bright Network, which is just for nonprofits, where you can access donor reports and sign up for ACH.

Please note that while your nonprofit may have received donations through Bright Funds, you may not be registered for Bright Network to access donor information. You can check if your nonprofit is already registered by clicking here, clicking "Sign in/Register", and clicking the Register Now button. Please search by your nonprofit name or EIN.

To log into your Bright Network account:

  1. Click into our Bright Funds for Nonprofits page here

  2. Click Register/Sign in

Signed up as a Bright Funds donor on accident?

Please send the below information to convert your account to our team at, or use the chat bubble:

  1. IRS Letter of Determination

  2. First page of form 990

  3. The email address mistakenly registered as a donor

Once received, our team will verify the information and convert your account.

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Still need help? Reach out to our team using the chat bubble or


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