There are times where you forget about cashing a check, or maybe it was received late. No worries! Below, you will find information on determining if a check is valid, and if not, how to get a new one sent to your nonprofit.

Expired Checks

Checks sent via mail are valid for 90 days from the date of the check.

If it has been more than 90 days since the date on the check, please do not deposit this. As soon as the 90 days are up, the check is automatically voided in our system.

Instead, you can reach out to our team at, sharing your nonprofit's EIN, the invoice number (found at the top of the check), and the amount.

Damaged Checks

Received a damaged check? Let us know at sharing your nonprofit's EIN, the invoice number (found at the top of the check) and the amount.

Reissuing damaged/expired/voided checks

For expired checks, they are reissued via ACH/EFT/direct deposit. To sign up for ACH/EFT/direct deposit, you can sign up via our nonprofit portal, Bright Network.

Once logged in, click "Profile" to fill in your bank details. Our Nonprofit Team will then follow up with next steps.

*Please note the check fee is not waived if Bright Funds is reissuing a damaged or voided check via ACH/EFT/direct deposit. The check fee applies to the original form in which the donation was disbursed.

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