This section shows you a summary of donations sent from Bright Funds, a breakdown of the donation types, and total donors.

You may also see a banner that your nonprofit's registration is currently under review. You can reach out to our team using the chat bubble, or at nonprofits@brightfunds.org for more information.


This is where you can add your Facebook and Twitter accounts, which will reflect on your nonprofit's donor-facing page in Bright Funds.

You can also sign up for ACH/EFT/direct deposit here, and see what address we have registered in our database for your nonprofit.

Donor Reports

You can find all donor reports here, once your nonprofit has been verified. The best way to find a donation is using the dropdown for the Disbursement ID, and matching the ID numbers (either found at the top of the check, or within the body of the email you received notifying you of the donation).

You can read more about donor reports here.


This is where you can upload your IRS Letter of Determination and first page of form 990, which is required to verify your nonprofit to gain access to donor reports.

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Still need help? Reach out to our team using the chat bubble or

at nonprofits@brightfunds.org.

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