U.S.-based nonprofits who receive checks from Bright Funds Foundation may be subject to a $25 check fee. This is to offset operational costs in relation to disbursing mailed checks.

Your nonprofit may have the $25 check fee applied if the two criteria are met:

  1. You are receiving a paper check in the mail AND

  2. The total donation to be sent is $500 or more

Waiving the check fee

Check fees are waived if your nonprofit is receiving a donation for the first time via mailed check or if your nonprofit is signed up for ACH/EFT/direct deposit. To sign up, you can visit our article here for guidance.

*Please note the check fee is not waived if Bright Funds is reissuing a damaged or voided check via ACH/EFT/direct deposit. The check fee applies to the original form in which the donation was disbursed.

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