Credit card or PayPal Donations

Credit card and PayPal donations made on Bright Funds are typically disbursed to nonprofits in the middle of the month following the month the donation was received.

For example, a credit card/PayPal donation made on Bright Funds in January will be disbursed to the nonprofit in mid-February.

Matching Donations*

For matching donations, it typically takes two months after the match request is approved for matching funds to be disbursed, primarily because Bright Funds must receive the matching funds from the matching company before we can queue the match to be disbursed to your nonprofit.

For example, if a match was approved in January, it is expected to be sent to your nonprofit in mid-March.

Credit Donations*

Credit donations follow the same timeline as Matching Donations.

*Please note for matching and credit donations, the two-month timeline is contingent on Bright Funds receiving the matching funds from the matching company, and may extend beyond that timeframe.

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