Making a one-time donation

  1. Once you’ve found the nonprofit or Fund you’d like to support*, click the Donate button. 
  2. Select “One-time Donation,” and on the next page, choose your payment method and donation amount. 
  3. Include a designation (if needed) and select your Privacy setting for this donation. 
  4. Fill out your payment information and complete the donation! 

If you'd like to become a sustaining donor of your cause, find out how to set up a recurring donation on Bright Funds. 

*To quickly find and donate to your previously supported causes, visit your Bright Funds dashboard and hit "Donate" to see your saved "My causes and nonprofits

Change your default currency

Want to make donations in a different currency? Go to your Account Settings to edit your default currency for donations. 

Change your default credit card

You can also change your default credit card for donations on Bright Funds. 

  1. On the donation checkout page, when you select "pay with credit card," you are directed to Stripe's 2-step verification. 
  2. After you enter the code, you will see your saved credit card details. Click the "logout" option at the top of the window, which will reset your information. 
  3. You can then add a different credit card or change your card information. 

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