Match donations you make on Bright Funds

Bright Funds makes it easy to double your impact with company matching gifts! 

If your company offers matching on Bright Funds, then the matching meter on your personal Dashboard will show your annual matching limit. Until you hit that amount for the calendar year, any donations you make on Bright Funds will automagically generate matching gifts.*

You’ll be able to see a new matching gift created on your Dashboard with each donation you make. You can visit your My Donations page to check on the status of your matching gift anytime.

*Your company may have a minimum amount eligible for matching. The minimum is noted on the Bright Funds checkout page for your convenience! Make sure you know your company’s minimum to ensure your donations are matched. Feel free to reach out to us if you’re not sure! 

Match donations you made outside of Bright Funds

Does your company offer matching for donations made outside of Bright Funds? If the answer is yes, then you can request matching gifts for donations you make to eligible organizations outside of the Bright Funds platform. All you need is an official donation receipt from the nonprofit.

Requesting a match

You can either click on Request a Match from your Dashboard, or click the link to Request a Match right on the nonprofit's Bright Funds profile page.

If you clicked on Request a Match from your Dashboard, search for the nonprofit you donated to. Check out our Finding Nonprofits guide for helpful tips – try searching by EIN (tax-ID number), and don’t forget to change the setting from Nonprofits to Schools if you donated to a school. 

Next, enter the donation details – the date of your donation, the amount you want matched, and upload your official donation receipt from the nonprofit. 

Make sure your receipt lists your name, the nonprofit’s name, the donation date, and the donation amount. Check the boxes to confirm all the information can be found on the receipt you will upload. If all boxes are not checked, you will not be able to upload a receipt.

Note: Check images, pledge forms, and bank statements are not eligible to serve as official receipts. 

Designations – make sure your match gets to the right place

Designations allow you (the donor) to tell nonprofit how to use, or where to send, your donation. Before you click ‘Record Donation’ to finish requesting your match, use the ‘Designation’ box to make sure your matching gift is designated correctly.

For more information about how to use designations, check out this article

Privacy – make your match easier to track 

Before you request a match, set your desired privacy setting. Sharing your name allows nonprofits to associate the match with your donation. 

When you elect to share information, Bright Funds will only share it with the nonprofit you donated to. We will never make your information available to other nonprofits. 

Chat with us if you have any questions about privacy on Bright Funds! 

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