Setting up a recurring donation

Recurring donations are an easy way to pledge ongoing support to your favorite nonprofits or Funds on Bright Funds. The donation will automatically process on the same day each month, and, if your company has matching, a matching gift will be generated.  

  1. Once you find the nonprofit or Fund you want to support, click the blue Donate button, and you’ll see two options pop up. Select Recurring Donation.
  2. On the next page, you’ll select your payment method, donation amount, include a designation, and select the privacy setting for the donation. 
  3. That’s it! Your recurring donation will begin on the day you set it up, and will recur on the same day of each subsequent month. For example, if you set up a recurring donation on April 3rd, it will repeat May 3rd, June 3rd, and so on. 

Bright Funds will send you an email notification each time your donation recurs. 

Managing your recurring donation

Now that your recurring donation is set up, what if you want to edit or delete it? No problem!

Click on My Donations from your Dashboard, and you’ll see your recurring donation towards the top of the page. Click the blue Manage button.

On the next page, you can edit the donation amount, designation, and privacy. If you want to change the date for your recurring donation, you can cancel the current one, and create a new recurring donation on your desired date. 

To cancel your recurring donation, hit the red "Cancel recurring payment" button in the top right corner of the page.

To edit your credit card or payment method for a recurring donation, you will need to cancel the current recurring donation. You can then set up a new recurring donation with the updated card or payment method. 

To do so, visit your Bright Funds dashboard and hit "Donate"  to see your saved "My causes and nonprofits" – you will then be able to set up a recurring donation with your previously supported causes.

Adding more organizations to your recurring donation

Do you have an existing recurring credit card donation* to which you'd like to add additional organizations? 

Simply visit the organization's profile page on Bright Funds. Then select "Donate" and select "Recurring." You should then see that particular organization get added to your current recurring donation - you can even customize the amount each organization receives.

*please note this is applicable to recurring credit card donations, not PayPal donations

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