Did you submit your volunteering hours and realize you needed to make an edit after you submitted them? No worries! You can edit the details of your submitted volunteering hours on Bright Funds.

Editing volunteer time for yourself

  1. From your profile, select Hours, found in the left-side panel 

  2. Choose the requested time that you would like to edit or cancel

  3. Click "Edit" to make changes; to cancel, click "Cancel time"

If you select Edit, you can then edit the information in the event, including the date and hours. Once you have completed editing the fields needed, click Track this time

If you select "Cancel time", the time will then be marked as Canceled.

Once you have tracked your time, you’ll see the changes you just made. If your company has volunteer hour matching, the tracked time will be submitted for approval.

Removing volunteer hours for a group volunteering event you didn't attend

If someone uploaded group hours and you did not attend, you can remove those hours on Bright Funds.

  1. From your profile, select Hours in the left-hand panel

  2. Choose the group time that you would like to cancel

  3. Click "Cancel time"

The time will appear as "Canceled" on your hours page.

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