Donating using your credit grant

If you have received a credit grant from your company, learn how to redeem it to your nonprofit of choice.

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If you are a recipient of a credit grant from your company, you may redeem this credit grant amount to your nonprofit(s) of choice. You may use the credit grant as the payment option on the donation checkout page.

Locating your credit grant

On your Bright Funds Dashboard, you will see a credits button on the upper right corner notifying you that you have a credit grant.

Using your credit grant

  • Search for the nonprofit or Fund that you would like to donate to. 

  • After finding your nonprofit, click the blue 'Donate' button and select One-time Donation.

  • On the checkout screen you will see your credit grant as a payment method.

You may redeem the entire credit grant to a single recipient, or redeem a portion to one recipient and use the rest for another recipient.

If you would like your donation to go to a specific project, department or just want to share a message with the nonprofit, you can use the "include a designation" box to write a note.

Please note, credit donations or any funds paid for by your company are not eligible for matching.

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