Matching to GoFundMe Fundraisers

Does your company offer matching? Did you donate to a GoFundMe and want it matched? Find out here if your donation qualifies.

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If your company offers matching, and you made a donation to a GoFundMe, it may be eligible for a match, depending on who receives the donation via the fundraiser.

Can my donation to a GoFundMe be matched?

Your donation to a GoFundMe may be eligible to be matched IF it meets one of the following:

  1. The donation made on GoFundMe was made to a fundraiser created by GoFundMe Foundation themselves.

  2. The donation made on GoFundMe was made to a nonprofit, who created a fundraiser.

I donated to a friend's personal GoFundMe. Can that be matched?

Unfortunately, no. If you donated to a friend's GoFundMe, it cannot be matched as GoFundMe is not able to allocate matching funds to fundraisers created by individuals for personal use.

I donated to a fundraiser that a nonprofit created on GoFundMe. Can that be matched?

Yes! If you donated to a fundraiser created by a nonprofit, and received an official donation receipt from the nonprofit, you may be able to request a match.*

​*Please note, matches are subject to approval by your company.

  1. Search the nonprofit in Bright Funds.

  2. Once found, you can request a match on their page by clicking "Request a match".

  3. If you would like your donation to be specifically used for the GoFundMe fundraiser, you can use the "include a designation" box to input your notes. This will be shared with the nonprofit at the time the funds are to be sent.

Note: Designations are not guaranteed, and would be up to the nonprofit to allocate accordingly on their end.

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