If your company offers matching, and you made a donation to a GoFundMe, it may be eligible for a match, depending on who receives the donation via the fundraiser.

Can my donation to a GoFundMe be matched?

Your donation to a GoFundMe may be eligible to be matched IF it meets one of the following:

  1. The donation made on GoFundMe was made to a fundraiser created by GoFundMe Foundation themselves.

  2. The donation made on GoFundMe was made to a nonprofit, who created a fundraiser.

I donated to a friend's personal GoFundMe. Can that be matched?

Unfortunately, no. If you donated to a friend's GoFundMe, it cannot be matched as GoFundMe is not able to allocate matching funds to fundraisers created by individuals for personal use.

I donated to a fundraiser that a nonprofit created on GoFundMe. Can that be matched?

Yes! If you donated to a fundraiser created by a nonprofit, and received an official donation receipt from the nonprofit, you may be able to request a match.*

*Please note, matches are subject to approval by your company.

  1. Search the nonprofit in Bright Funds.

  2. Once found, you can request a match on their page by clicking "Request a match".

  3. If you would like your donation to be specifically used for the GoFundMe fundraiser, you can use the "include a designation" box to input your notes. This will be shared with the nonprofit at the time the funds are to be sent.

Please note, designations are not guaranteed, and would be up to the nonprofit to allocate accordingly on their end.

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