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Information on how to read a donor report in Bright Network.

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Once you have your donor report, there can be a lot of information on the page to understand. Here, we break down the report, and what each column means.

Please note, donor reports will only show donations that have been sent to your nonprofit from Bright Funds. For example, if a donor donated via credit card on Bright Funds in January, it would not appear on your donor report until mid-February, a few days before the disbursement occurs.

You can read more about our donation timelines here.


This is the Bright Funds Donation ID for a donor's donation. You can use this ID to share with the Bright Funds team if you have any questions specific to that donation line.

Created At

The date in this column is the date Bright Funds receives the funds to be disbursed.

For Credit Card and PayPal donations (found under Transaction Type), the date is when the donor made the donation on Bright Funds.

For those noted as Matched Donation, Volunteer Match, or Credit Donation, the date refers to when Bright Funds received the funds from the matching/crediting company.

Company Name

This is the company that the donor is is employed with, who uses Bright Funds to power their giving program.

Donor Name

The name of the person or company who donated the funds.

If this is marked as "Private" or left blank, that means the donor opted to remain anonymous.

Donor Email

The email of the donor if they would like to be contacted.

If this is marked as "Private" or left blank, that means the donor opted to remain anonymous.

On Behalf Of

The name of the donor, if they opted to share their name.

If this is a matching, volunteer match or credit donation, the name listed is the donor who the donation is made on behalf of. If a company name is listed under Donor Name, this indicates that the company made the donation. If the donor whose donation is being matched or credited opted to list their name, their name can be found under "On Behalf Of."


Special notes from the donor. Examples include a directing their donation to a particular project, fundraiser, account, or even it's even just a simple thank you note.

Fund Name

The name of the Fund in Bright Funds your nonprofit was included in. Bright Funds has a Fund feature where donors can add different nonprofits with a common cause, or nonprofits they are passionate about. You can learn more about Funds here.

Transaction Type

The type of donation the donor made on Bright Funds. You can find more information in our Transaction Types article here.


The amount donated to the nonprofit.

Disbursement ID

This is also known as the invoice ID. This correlates with the number found at the top of the check, or within the body of the notification email you received from Bright Funds. This helps identify what donations are part of the donation you received.

Please note we are not able to share any information for a donor outside of what is on the donor report. Bright Funds does not keep record of the donor's address, location or phone number.

Additionally, for matching, volunteer, and credit donations, these are paid for by the donor's company, and is not tax-deductible by the individual donor.

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