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An explanation on the different types of donation transactions that take place on Bright Funds.

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On your donor report, you might be curious about what each Transaction Type might mean. Here, we break down the different types that may come through the Bright Funds platform from donors.

Contributions from individual donors

Credit card Donation

  • The donor donated to your nonprofit on Bright Funds using their credit card.

PayPal Donation

  • The donor donated to your nonprofit on Bright Funds using their PayPal account.

Bank Transfer Donation

  • The donor donated to your nonprofit on Bright Funds using their personal account.

Contributions from companies

Matched Donation

  • The donor had their original donation made to your nonprofit matched by their company. Their company made the matching donation contribution.

Volunteer Match

  • The donor's company offers matching for volunteer hours they complete. For example, a donor could volunteer at your nonprofit, and receive $10 for each hour volunteered. Similar to Matched Donation, the donor's company made the volunteer matching donation contribution.

Credit Donation

  • The donor was awarded a credit from their company to direct to your nonprofit. Similar to the Matched and Volunteer Match Donations, the donor's company made the donation contribution.

DaaS Transaction

  • DaaS transactions are a new type of donation that Bright Funds Foundation has recently started to accept as part of our new Disbursements as a Service (DaaS) product. We rolled out this service to help Family Foundations and other charitable giving platforms by managing their backend grantmaking operations on their behalf. DaaS transactions are essentially donations collected by a DaaS client and issued to Bright Funds Foundation to process and disburse to nonprofits, like yours. Similar to our other donation types, we can only share the original donor behind the donation if the donor opted into sharing their details.

Please note for matching, volunteer, and credit donations, these are paid for by the donor's company, and is not tax-deductible by the individual donor.

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