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Sending receipts or letters of acknowledgment
Sending receipts or letters of acknowledgment

Find out if your nonprofit needs to send one to a donor.

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Receipts to donors

Donors receive their receipts from the Bright Funds Foundation.

If the donor has disclosed their contact information on the donor report, you are welcome to send the thank you letter directly to them by referencing the donor report.

However, if the donor has not disclosed such information, we are obliged to respect their privacy wishes.

Receipts to Bright Funds Foundation

Your nonprofit is not required to send Bright Funds Foundation an acknowledgment letter. At this time, we do not actively collect substantiation of Bright Funds Foundation’s donations to nonprofits. Our understanding of tax law is that there is no requirement for individual nonprofits to send us a written acknowledgment of our contributions.

If you are required to send a letter to acknowledge a received donation, you can email them to our team at

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