Want to make some changes, or stop your recurring donation? Not a problem!

Click on My Donations from your Dashboard, and you’ll see your recurring donation towards the top of the page. Click the blue Manage button.

On the next page, you can edit the donation amount, designation, and privacy. If you want to change the date for your recurring donation, you can cancel the current one, and create a new recurring donation on your desired date.

Need to cancel your recurring donation?

To cancel your recurring donation, hit the red "Cancel recurring payment" button in the top right corner of the page.

Need to edit your credit card attached to your recurring donation?

To edit your credit card or payment method for a recurring donation, you will need to cancel the current recurring donation, using the steps mentioned above. You can then set up a new recurring donation with the updated card or payment method.

Please note, if you are not seeing the option to manage your recurring donation to change your credit card information as shown above, it is most likely your recurring donation has auto-canceled due to the card issue. You can set up a new recurring donation from your My Donations page if you do not see the option to manage on your Dashboard.

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