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Adding/removing a participant from group volunteering
Adding/removing a participant from group volunteering

Forgot to add someone on a group volunteering activity? You can find out how to add them here.

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Adding a participant

If your group time was approved and you realized you forgot to add someone, they can still be added.

  1. From your Bright Funds Dashboard, select Hours from the left-hand panel

  2. Choose the group time that you would like to edit

  3. Click "Edit group"

  4. To add additional attendees, search for their name in the "Add volunteers" box and select their name from the populated list. You can also make other edits, if needed

  5. Once you made your necessary edits, click "Track this time"

Once you track this time, you can click into Hours once more, and select the time you just edited; the edits you made will appear on the page.

Removing a participant

As long as the event hasn't been approved yet, you can remove someone using the same steps as adding someone above!

However, if the event was already approved, you will not be able to remove anyone from the group volunteering. The individual would need to go in and remove their time from their own profile.

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