What is a matching donation

A quick summary on what a matching donation is.

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What is a matching donation?

Bright Funds makes it easy to double your impact with company matching gifts!

If your company offers matching on Bright Funds, then the matching meter on your personal Dashboard will show your annual matching limit. Until you hit that amount for the year, any donations you make on Bright Funds will automatically generate matching gifts.*

You’ll be able to see a new matching gift created on your Dashboard with each donation you make. You can visit your My Donations page to check on the status of your matching gift anytime.

Your company may have a minimum amount eligible for matching. The minimum is noted on the Bright Funds checkout page for your convenience! Make sure you know your company’s minimum to ensure your donations are matched. Feel free to reach out to us if you’re not sure!

Please note for matching, volunteer, and credit donations, these are paid for by the your company, and is not tax-deductible by you, the individual donor.

Matching, if offered, is only available at the time you are employed with your company.

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