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Editing or deleting an outside match request
Editing or deleting an outside match request

Information on how to edit or delete your outside match request.

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If your company offers matching for donations made outside of Bright Funds, and you need to edit the information you submitted or delete your match request, you can do so from your Bright Funds Dashboard.

Here are a few common reasons why users might need to edit their outside match:

  • Selected the wrong nonprofit

  • Wrong donation amount entered

  • Need to upload a different receipt

  • Want to change privacy selection

To do edit a match, just click into "My Donations" from your Bright Funds Dashboard.

Locate the specific match request in your donation history, and click into the “Outside Transaction” portion of the match request.

You'll see an "Edit" button on the next page, which will take you to a page where you can edit or delete the outside match request.

Note: Outside match requests can be edited as long as your match was submitted within the same month. Please reach out to our team at if you have any trouble with editing/deleting your match request.

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