What is a yearly match reminder email?

The yearly match reminder emails are a tool you can use to increase employee engagement with your company’s giving program during the end-of-year matching season. The emails remind employees to use their matching benefit before the end of the year, and show each employee the exact amount of matching dollars they personally have remaining for the year.

How can my company send yearly match reminder emails to employees?

You can now send your company’s emails yourself from your admin dashboard, by navigating to “Program Management” → “Emails.”

The Bright Funds team suggests sending up to three emails on the below dates.

November 17th

December 15th

December 29th

Can I customize the email?


The standard email text reads:

The end of 2022 is approaching quickly. There is still time to give!

You currently have {{remaining_match}} available for donation matching through December 31st.

The causes you care about still need your help. Make the most of this holiday season and double your impact with matching donations from your company.

However, the email is entirely customizable! If you’d like to send emails with a customized copy, you can navigate to “Program Management” → “Emails.” From there, you can edit the copy and send out the emails on your own.

What should I do if I’m interested in sending out end-of-year match reminder emails?

If you have a dedicated account manager, please let them know you're interested in sending out end-of-year match reminder emails for your company’s employees and the dates you plan on sending. Even if you’d prefer to send them yourself, it’s helpful for our support team to be able to anticipate the increased activity we typically see after these emails are sent out to employees.

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