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Information on donations related to a DAF account.

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Most donor-advised funds (DAF) are registered as a public charity in Bright Funds. If you have a DAF account and would like to make a donation through Bright Funds, you can do so! Similar to finding a nonprofit in Bright Funds, you would search the name or EIN of your DAF.

Please be sure to check the box to include a designation for your donation. This is where we encourage you to input your account information, which will be shared with your DAF manager. If no identifying information is shared at the time of your donation, this may result in a delay in the funds being allocated to your DAF account:

Made a contribution INTO your donor-advised fund (DAF)?

If you contributed TO your DAF, it may be eligible for matching!

You can search for your DAF Manager in Bright Funds since it will most often be registered as a US 501(c)(3) public charity itself. You can then request a matching gift for contributions you have made to the DAF.

The matched contribution will be sent to the DAF, so please be sure to include your name and any relevant account-identifying information in the 'designation' field on the outside match request form. This information will be shared with the DAF manager once funds are sent. Omitting your account information may cause a delay in the funds being allocated into your DAF.

Made a contribution OUT of your DAF?

If you donated to a nonprofit using your DAF account, it may not eligible to be matched.

The donation out of a DAF is generally considered tax-deductible for the donor at the time when they make the donation to their DAF, and not when the funds are granted out of the DAF. Matching gifts are usually for donations that are considered tax deductible charitable donations for the donor, and so the matching gift would be associated with the tax-deductible donation into the DAF.

Please note, the approval of matching donations made OUT of a DAF would be at the discretion of your company's program. For questions, please reach out to our Support Team.

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