On top of easily recording volunteering events on Bright Funds, you can also discover volunteering opportunities and join in. Here's how!

From your Dashboard or My Volunteering page, click on Find Volunteering

Types of posted opportunities

Company posted

On the Company posted opportunities page, you can search for volunteering opportunities that your company or colleagues have posted. You can also adjust your search based on your location, distance, and date range. 

When you find a company posted event that you're interested in attending, click into the opportunity, then select "Volunteer." The event creator will get in touch with you to provide more details. 

Nonprofit posted

If your company offers Nonprofit posted opportunities, you'll also be able to search through events nonprofits have added. On this page, you can also browse by searching keywords.

When you find a nonprofit posted event that you’re interested in attending, click on the opportunity, then select “I would like to join.

On the next page, write a message to the nonprofit, including any questions about the event. The nonprofit will then contact you with more details.

If you don't hear from the nonprofit within a few days, you can reach out to them directly. 

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