A Bright Funds Fund allows you to add one or more nonprofits that you would like to support! They can be nonprofits that have a common cause or mission, or maybe just a group of nonprofits you would like to support.

Please note, an eligible nonprofit in Bright Funds MUST be in your Fund in order for your Fund to receive donations. A Fund can only be composed of nonprofit organizations that are currently eligible on the Bright Funds platform. Any Fund that directs donors to an external fundraising site or personal account will be closed.

Here is a list of ways we have seen the Bright Funds Fund used within the community:

  • Common causes and missions (saving the environment, health equity, etc.)

  • Disaster response

  • Fundraising for races and marathons on behalf of nonprofits

  • Personal experience, sentiment, or passion

Donations made to Funds are split equally. So if you donate $100 to a Fund that has two nonprofits, each would received $50.

You can explore the different Funds created by Bright Funds and the Bright Funds community by visiting the Explore page.

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