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Helpful Tips to Share with Your Nonprofit
Helpful Tips to Share with Your Nonprofit

Learn how you can help your nonprofit verify funds disbursed via Bright Funds.

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For U.S.-based Nonprofits

Let your nonprofit know funds are on their way

The best way to help your nonprofit verify funds is by simply letting them know you have made a donation via Bright Funds! By giving your nonprofit a heads up on donations they should be expecting, this will help them to feel more secure at the time they receive their donation check and decrease the likelihood of a check remaining uncashed.

Here is an example of what nonprofits can expect when they receive a check:

Invite your nonprofit to access Bright Network

Bright Network is our portal for nonprofits, where they can access donor reports, sign up for ACH/EFT payments, and verify their current address. We highly recommend nonprofits sign up for ACH payments as this avoids lost checks as well as manual check fees. Joining the portal is completely free for nonprofit organizations!

For Nonprofits based outside the U.S.

Introduce Bright Funds to nonprofits based outside of the U.S. while onboarding

If your company offers international giving, introducing us to your nonprofit can speed up communications while going through the onboarding process. Simply add us ( to an email thread with your nonprofit and we can take it from there!

Share our disbursement timelines with your nonprofit

Sharing timeline information can help your nonprofit get a better idea of when they should be expecting funds to arrive.

Here are articles you can share with your nonprofit based on their location:

Share our point of contact

We are always happy to help with any questions you or your nonprofit may have! Reach out to us via email at

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