You can create your own Bright Fund to showcase the causes you care about and encourage others to support them too! To create a new Fund, simply scroll to the bottom of  your Dashboard and click on "Created Funds" and you will see the option 'Create a new fund.' 

You can also create a new Fund from your Explore page

Click 'Continue' and write a headline for your Fund. What is your Fund about? For example: Help families of low-income in the bay area.

Next, select the nonprofits you'd like to include in your Fund. You can search by name or registration number, and use the country drop-down to search within your country of choice. For each nonprofit you add, you can include a quick description of why you are including them in your Fund. You can add as many nonprofits as you like, but 3 - 6 is a good number. Donations to your Fund will be split evenly between the nonprofits. For example, if your Fund has 2 nonprofits and you donate $100, each nonprofit will receive $50. 

Finally, give your Fund a name and choose a category. You can also add tags to make it easier for others to find your Fund.

Congratulations - you just created a Bright Fund! 🎉 

You have the option to add a goal to your Fund:

Track your progress:

If your company offers matching or credits, these totals will take a little extra time to appear on your progress bar.

If you'd like others to be able to see your Fund and donate to it - click the 'Make fund public' button. Click on Edit Fund to add a Fund image and make any other adjustments to your Fund page. Then, you can use the social media sharing links to share your Fund with the world!

You'll receive an email from Bright Funds each time someone donates to your Fund, with an updated total $ raised. 

Please note, that disbursements of donations made to a Fund will follow the same timeline as a normal donation and match made on Bright Funds. You can view our disbursement timelines for US organizations here, and organizations outside the US here.

If you have any questions about your Fund, click on the chat icon to ask our team! 

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